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conference & all-hands room package

Meet the future of work. Transform your conference room or all-hands space into a collaborative Zoom Room.

Cost-effective and rapidly installed as a turn-key solution.

ZVC900 Multi Camera
Turn-Key Solution
Yealink ZVC900-C3-000 with UVC86 and UVC84 | Meet Better
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The best Zoom Rooms technology for Conference Rooms & All-Hands Spaces, with everything you need for a great meeting

Yealink ZVC900-C3-000 with UVC86 and UVC84 | Meet Better
4K Ultra HD Camera

Multiple Cameras

This solution supports up to nine Yealink UVC86 or UVC84 cameras. Our most commonly deployed default bundle for this room space includes two cameras - the Yealink UVC86 as a presenter camera, and the Yealink UVC84 as a an audience camera.

The Yealink UVC86 has an AI presenter tracking feature. Using visual recognition it tracks the presenter as they move around the room, and it's like having a videographer control the camera. The Yealink UVC84 provides a view of the audience.

With this solution your audience on the far end will feel connected to your all-hands meetings and will not miss a thing.

Wireless Speakerphone

Multiple camera layouts

Room users can control the layout of the cameras seen by the far end. Focus on the presenter, focus on the audience, show both, or make one bigger than the other.

The intuitive layout control is configured from the Zoom Room touch controller.

Integrated electronic privacy shutter

Flexible audio design

Our package includes the Yealink AVHub. The AVHub is certified with a number of third party DSP's. It also has analog interfaces, and can be used with a legacy analog audio system.

As part of our package if you have an existing audio system in your space, we can design a solution to integrate the Zoom Room to your existing audio system. Alternatively we can design a new solution for your large space, including complex systems voice reinforcement systems that leverage either wireless handheld/lavalier microphones or ceiling microphones.

Dual Screen Support

Dual screen support

The Yealink ZVC900 supports dual screen output, dedicating one screen to video and the other to shared content.

Optionally add a companion touch display to add interactive whiteboarding to your all-hands/conference space.

Join in one touch

Divisible Room Solution

Many all-hands spaces are formed from divisible rooms. The Yealink ZVC900 has a native support for a divisible room. Multiple room systems can be joined together to form one large space, and then returned to smaller spaces.

Specialised Video Conferencing Solutions | Meet Better

One vendor solution

This Windows based Yealink Zoom Room system package is an all-in-one vendor solution. The compute, camera, microphones, controllers, and speakers are all from Yealink.

This greatly simplifies the ongoing support and maintenance arrangements for your meeting space.

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Optional Extras for your new Zoom Room

Yealink RoomPanel for Zoom Rooms

Avoid interruptions to your scheduled meetings and promote a culture of regular ad hoc meetings with the Yealink RoomPanel. The RoomPanel is installed outside your meeting room and shows people outside the room whether it is occupied.

The RoomPanel displays the schedule of room availability for the day at a glance. Visitors, Guests, and your Team can reserve the room with one tap on the RoomPanel.

The RoomPanel can be paired with occupancy sensors inside your room, and will update the free/busy status even if the room is occupied with an unscheduled meeting.

CommBox touch display

Commercial LED's and Touch Panels

Upgrade your displays with commercial LED's. Commercial LED's can reduce your eye-strain with an anti-glare coating and blue light filter.

Including a touch panel in your solution will provide the ability for in-room participants to have interactive Zoom Whiteboard sessions.

Yealink MVC-BYOD Extender

Enhance the flexibility of your Zoom Room by adding the ability to convert it into a BYOD device. With the MVC-BYOD extender, meeting room users can join meetings from third party collaboration platforms using an in-room participant's laptop.

You may need the MVC-BYOD Extender if your team regularly need to join external meetings from your boardroom using a different platform from your own device.

Yealink UVC30 Content Camera Kit

The UVC30 content camera brings physical whiteboard collaboration to your meeting room solution. The UVC30 content camera is mounted above a wall-mounted whiteboard or flip-chart, and provides remote participants with the ability to see what is on the whiteboard or flip-chart.

Yealink MSpeaker II

Native Yealink Sound System

If a native Yealink sound system is appropriate for your space we can design a solution incorporating Yealink Speakers and microphones. This is typically very cost-effective as no third party DSP is required, and it's simple to support with a one-vendor solution.

Shure | Video Conference Room Solutions | Meet Better

Shure Audio System

We are authorised Shure resellers and have certified Shure technicians on our team. If Wireless microphones with a voice reinforcement system are required we can design, install, and support a new Shure wireless microphone system for your space.

Biamp | Video Conference Room Solutions | Meet Better

Biamp Audio System

We are authorised Biamp resellers and have certified Biamp technicians on our team. If ceiling or wired microphones with a voice reinforcement system are required we can design, install, and support a new Biamp audio system for your space.