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mid-size boardroom package

Meet the future of work. Transform your existing huddle meeting space into a collaborative Zoom Room.

Cost-effective and rapidly installed as a turn-key solution.

Yealink ZVC640 Turn-Key Solution
Yealink ZVC640
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The best Zoom Rooms technology for Mid-Size Boardrooms, with everything you need for a great meeting

Yealink ZVC640
4K Ultra HD Camera

Exceptional optical accuracy

Remote participants will capture every detail through the brilliant Yealink UVC84 camera. This amazing PTZ camera captures 4K resolution video, and can focus on speakers and content all over your room with 12x optical zoom, 3x digital zoom, and an 80° field of view.

The camera is driven by a clever AI that auto-frames each person in the room, and can track each speaker. The result is a great meeting experience for remote participants.

Designed with your security and privacy in mind, the Yealink UVC84 camera automatically faces downwards when it's not in use. Participants having an in-person meeting without video can be confident that their privacy is being protected when the camera is turned off.

Integrated electronic privacy shutter

Premium Audio Experience

Experience clear and distraction-free sound with the Yealink CP960 speakerphone. The Yealink CP960 enhances the audio experience for external participants through Yealink Noise Proof Technology.

Yealink Noise Proof Technology eliminates distracting background noise, and delivers a rich audio experience to your meeting room.

Dual Screen Support

Dual screen support

This Yealink ZVC package supports dual screen output, dedicating one screen to video and the other to shared content.

Turn your Zoom Room powered into a high value and cost-effective electronic whiteboard by using a commercial touchscreen display on the content screen.

Join in one touch

join meetings with one touch

On site participants can join meetings easily, without needing a laptop or tablet, through the integrated touch panel controller on the Yealink CP960.

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Package Inclusions

Hardware Inclusions

Yealink ZVC640 bundle | Datasheet
Bundled items:
  &nbspYealink CP960 Speakerphone with touchscreen controller
   Yealink MCore Mini-PC

   Yealink UVC84 USB PTZ Camera

Our Zoom Rooms Mid-size Boardroom Package includes everything you need for a fast and cost-effective retro-fit of your existing space

Service Inclusions

Site readiness check
Professional installation of new equipment
Professional re-installation of your existing meeting room displays to the optimum height for video conferencing
Electrical and data cabling to connect your new system, completed professionally by a fully qualified & licensed electrician *
Equipment configuration
Software configuration
Commissioning & go-live of your new Zoom Room System
Project management
One hour of end-user training

* Unless otherwise specified, electrical and data cabling work included in the quoted price will be for installation within an office building with Australian standards compliant electrical circuits with safety switches, available capacity in network patch panels and electrial circuits, and existing electrical/network conduit from circuits and patch panels to the meeting room.

Please review Site Requirements, Dependencies, and Inclusions for further details.


Example Room Layout

Zoom Rooms Mid-size Boardroom Package

Mid-Size Boardroom Style Configuration

• Rectangular table
• Table length up to 7M
• Up to 15 people in room

Your room now
Mid-size meeting room before installation of new video conferencing room system
Your room after
Mid-size boardroom after installation of new video conferencing zoom rooms solution
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Optional Extras for your new Zoom Room

CommBox touch display

Commercial LED's and Touch Panels

Upgrade your displays with commercial LED's. Commercial LED's can reduce your eye-strain with an anti-glare coating and blue light filter.

Including a touch panel in your solution will provide the ability for in-room participants to have interactive whiteboard sessions over Microsoft Teams with remote participants.

Yealink CPW90 Wireless Speakerphone

Enhance the audio pick-up range and flexibility of your meeting room with the clever Yealink CPW90 wireless speakerphone system. Unique to Yealink, the CPW90 speakerphones enable flexible wireless speakerphone placement for your meeting room.

Each speakerphone delivers a 3M voice pick-up radius. The ZVC640 can be extended with up to two additional wireless speakerphones, which combine to deliver an additional 64 sqm of flexible wireless microphone coverage for your meeting room. The Yealink CPW90 speakerphones operate at a range of up to 50M from the camera.

The battery charging system is well designed, and the speakerphones have been engineered to work when you need them. The Yealink CPW90 speakerphones come equipped with a 800mAh Li-battery that delivers 11 days of standby and 19 hours of talk time. The speakerphones are simple to charge between meetings in a stylish place-and-charge dock.

Each wireless speakerphone has a mute button, providing the ability to distribute two additional points of mute control around your mid-size meeting room.

Yealink MSpeaker II Soundbar

The Yealink MSpeaker II enhances the audio experience for in-room participants through a powerful pair of 10W speakers. Specifically designed for video conferencing, it works in tandem with microphones that have Yealink Noise Proof Technology to avoid echo and deliver an even richer audio experience to your meeting room.

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Site Requirements, Dependencies & Exclusions

Contact us for a quote, and we can check all of this for you!
IT environment

You need to have an existing deployment of Zoom.

Your site needs a fast internet connection with capacity for Full HD multi-party video conferencing on Zoom.

Your site must have at least gigabit LAN with two available ports, or WiFi with available capacity at the meeting room location for video conferencing.

For installation of the CP960 with POE you will need a switch with Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) class 4.

Zoom Room System installation and system integration pricing does not include Zoom licensing. As part of the site readiness assessment we will provide you with advice and purchase options on the most cost-effective Zoom Rooms licensing solution for your environment.


You need to provide us with administrative access to your Zoom environment for the period of the installation.

You need to provide us with full access to the room, network, and electrical during the time of install. Your quoted price will be for project execution during standard business hours. If you need an after-hours service we can quote to include this in your project.

You need to provide us with access to the staff who will receive training at the scheduled time for training.

Physical environment

Your site needs adequate electrical capacity for up to four additional 10A power points and your electrical circuits need to be Australian Standards compliant safety switches. Your quoted price will not include upgrades to your electrical supply or circuits. If your electrical supply does not meet these requirements we can quote to include this in your project.

The electrical circuits and network patch panel must be in the same building as your meeting room. The electrical circuit and network patch panel must be located on the same level or within +/- 1 level of your meeting room. The electrical circuit and patch panel must be reachable through existing conduit. The existing conduit between the meeting room and the electrical circuit and patch panel must be safely accessible without the need for a boom, scissor lift, or other special access equipment. If your site does not meet these requirements we can quote for the cabling work to include this in your project.

Inside your meeting room we will run cable neatly and professionally behind walls where possible, and in surface mounted conduit where not. Your quoted price will not include concrete wall chasing or patching. If you need your walls chased and made good we can quote to include this in your project.

For this package we must be able to install the Yealink CP960 controller at the centre of your meeting table. The quoted price assumes we can re-use an existing POE or power point at the table or reach your preferred location with a new cable through existing sub-floor conduit. The quoted price does not include chasing concrete floors, concrete core drilling, or running new sub-floor conduit. If you need new sub-floor conduit to your table we can quote to include this in your project.

You need to have one or two existing full HD displays with an available HDMI input port and wall brackets. We do not include displays in the package by default as many customers have existing displays they want to re-use. If you need new displays or wall brackets we can quote these as an option and include supply and installation of new displays as part of the project.

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