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small room package

Meet the future of work. Transform your existing meeting room into a collaborative Microsoft Teams Room.

Cost-effective and rapidly installed as a turn-key solution.

Yealink A30 Turn-Key Solution
Yealink A30 with CTP18 control panel and WPP20 remote presentation pod
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The best Microsoft Teams Rooms technology for Small Rooms, with all the features you need

Yealink A30 with CTP18 control panel and WPP20 remote presentation pod
A30 Dual Camera System
Dual Camera AI driven video

Unique to the Yealink A30, the dual camera system sets this meeting bar apart from competing solutions and is suitable for rooms with capacity of up to 10 people.

The Yealink A30 delivers immersive video quality via its innovative AI-driven dual camera system. A fixed e-PTZ camera with a 120° Field of View captures everything, while the second camera focusses on the fine detail with PTZ, a 90° Field of View, and 10X hybrid zoom.

The twin camera AI automatically frames each person in the room, and results in smooth individual speaker tracking. Ground-breaking technology that results in a great meeting experience for remote participants.

Join in one touch
join meetings with one touch

On site participants can join meetings easily, without needing a laptop or tablet, through the included Yealink CTP18 touch panel controller.

Wireless content sharing
Easy wireless content sharing

On site participants can present content wirelessly from their own devices using the included Yealink WPP20.

The presenter simply plugs the WPP20 into a USB port and then presses the sharing button to share content from their own device.

Crystal Clear Audio Quality
Eliminate distractions

The Yealink A30 produces high fidelity sound through a powerful 5W speaker.

The integrated microphone picks up speakers from up to 6 meters away, and eliminates distractions through Yealink Noise Proof Technology and echo cancellation.

Dual Screen Support
Dual screen support

The Yealink A30 supports dual screen output, dedicating one screen to video and the other to shared content.

Turn your Yealink A30 into a high value and cost-effective electronic whiteboard by using a commercial touchscreen display on the content screen.

Integrated electronic privacy shutter
automatic privacy shutters

The Yealink A30 MeetingBar is equipped with an automatic electronic privacy shutters on both cameras.

Participants having an in-person meeting without video can be confident that their privacy is being protected when the shutter is closed.

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Package Inclusions

Hardware Inclusions

Yealink A30 Meeting Bar | Data Sheet
Yealink CTP18 Collaboration Touch Panel | Data Sheet
Yealink WPP20 Wireless Presentation Pod | Data Sheet

Our MS Teams Rooms Small Room Package includes everything you need for a fast and cost-effective retro-fit of your existing space

Service Inclusions

Site readiness check
Professional installation of new equipment
Professional re-installation of your existing meeting room displays to the optimum height for video conferencing
Electrical and data cabling to connect your new system, completed professionally by a fully qualified & licensed electrician *
Equipment configuration
Software configuration
Commissioning & go-live of your new Microsoft Teams Room System
Project management
End-user training & change management

*Unless otherwise specified, electrical and data cabling work included in the quoted price will be for installation within an office building with Australian standards compliant electrical circuits with safety switches, available capacity in network patch panels and electrial circuits, and existing electrical/network conduit from circuits and patch panels to the meeting room.
Please review Site Requirements, Dependencies, and Inclusions for further details.


Example Room Layout

Microsoft Teams Rooms Small Room Package

Small Meeting Room with Boardroom Style Configuration

• Rectangular table
• Table length up to 4M
• Up to 10 people in room

Your room now
Meeting room before installation of new video conferencing room system
Your room after
Small room after installation of new MS Teams Rooms video conferencing room system
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Optional Extras for your new Teams Room

Yealink Room Panel

Yealink RoomPanel for Microsoft Teams

Avoid interruptions to your scheduled meetings and promote a culture of regular ad hoc meetings with the Yealink RoomPanel. The RoomPanel is installed outside your meeting room and shows people outside the room whether it is occupied.

The RoomPanel displays the schedule of room availability for the day at a glance. Visitors, Guests, and your Team can reserve the room with one tap on the RoomPanel.

The RoomPanel can be paired with occupancy sensors inside your room, and will update the free/busy status even if the room is occupied with an unscheduled meeting.

CommBox touch display

Commercial LED's and Touch Panels

Upgrade your displays with commercial LED's. Commercial LED's can reduce your eye-strain with an anti-glare coating and blue light filter.

Including a touch panel in your solution will provide the ability for in-room participants to have interactive whiteboard sessions over Microsoft Teams with remote participants.

Yealink VCH51

Yealink VCH51 BYOD Add-on

Enhance the flexibility of your Yealink A30 MeetingBar and huddle room by adding the ability to convert it into a BYOD device. With the VCH51, meeting room users can join meetings from third party collaboration platforms using a participant's laptop.

You may need the VC51 add-on if your team regularly need to join external meetings from your huddle room using a different platform (i.e. Zoom, Webex, etc) from your own device.

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