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mobile board package

Meet the future of work. Enable your team's ideation and creative processes with an all-in-one Teams Room interactive display.

Cost-effective and rapidly installed as a turn-key solution.

Turn-Key Solution
Yealink MeetingBoard65 | Meet Better
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Innovative mobile Microsoft Teams Rooms technology. Enable creative and ideation processes with native Teams whiteboarding

Yealink MeetingBoard65 | Meet Better
4K Ultra HD Camera

Brilliant 4K Camera

The MeetingBoard65 is equipped with a brilliant 4K camera, featuring manual framing, auto-framing, and speaker tracking modes.

The camera can optionally be expanded with a PTZ camera units that offer either 6X optical zoom or 12X optical zoom.

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High quality microphone array

The MeetingBoard65 is equipped with a 16 MEMS beam-forming microphone array.

From our real-world experience it can deliver clear voice pick-up of in-room participants up to 10M away from the board.

The microphone array has industry-leading AI Noise Cancellation, eliminating distracting unwanted background noises to deliver a great experience for participants on the far-end.

Integrated electronic privacy shutter

Powerful audio output

The MeetingBoard65 has a powerful speaker array comprised of 4 full range+2 tweeter stereo speakers.

Dual Screen Support

Dual screen support

The Yealink MeetingBoard65 supports dual screen output, dedicating one screen to video and the other to shared content.

Join in one touch

20 Point Multi-Touch

The MeetingBoar65 is equipped with an IR touch sensor array that supports 20 point multi-touch with palm rejection.

The screen also has an anti-fingerprint and anti-glare coating so that it always looks its best.

Wireless Content Sharing | Sydney Video Conferencing Installers | Meet Better

Optional wireless device mode

Optionally add a Yealink WPP30 to your package to deliver a wireless device mode solution.

With the WPP30 the Yealink MeetingBoard65 can wirelessly deliver device mode with a 4K60 resolution at < 10ms latency.

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Optional Extras for your new Teams Room

Yealink RoomPanel for Microsoft Teams

Avoid interruptions to your scheduled meetings and promote a culture of regular ad hoc meetings with the Yealink RoomPanel. The RoomPanel is installed outside your meeting room and shows people outside the room whether it is occupied.

The RoomPanel displays the schedule of room availability for the day at a glance. Visitors, Guests, and your Team can reserve the room with one tap on the RoomPanel.

The RoomPanel can be paired with occupancy sensors inside your room, and will update the free/busy status even if the room is occupied with an unscheduled meeting.

Yealink VCM36-W Wireless Microphone

Yealink VCM36-W Wireless Microphone Expansion

Expand the voice pick-up range of the MeetingBoard and add mute buttons to the room with the Yealink VCM36-W wireless microphone.

Yealink MVC-BYOD Extender

Yealink WPP30 Wireless Content Sharing

Enable guests to share wirelessly without drivers to the MeetingBoard65 via the Yealink WPP30.

The WPP30 also enables your users to put the MeetingBoard65 into device mode for use with other conferencing platforms.

PTZ Camera Expansion Module

Optionally upgrade the camera on the MeetingBoard65 to a Pan Tilt Zoom camera. Two modules are available with 4K 6X Optical Zoom and 4K 12X Optical Zoom.

This optional module is recommended for use cases when the MeetingBoard will be deployed in large spaces.

Yealink OPS PC for MeetingBoard

Yealink OPS PC for MeetingBoard

Increase the flexibility of your room system by adding an OPS module. With the OPS module you can dual boot the MeetingBoard between Teams Rooms and a native Windows PC.